Family Matters is a conversation sparked by parents, for parents, where we explore the issues that matter to you and navigate the challenges we all face.


We are not experts but rather every day moms learning by trial and error. Our biggest hope for is that you walk away feeling a little more informed and above all – understood…like we get you because we’re in it too.

Host Kim Smith is a Global News reporter who has worked in Regina, Calgary and Edmonton. When her son was only three months olds, Kim went back to work as a full-time reporter and juggled breastfeeding while on the job. She would often pump in her boss’s office or in a Global News vehicle. Her son is now two and she is navigating the world of daycare, potty training and picky eating.

Producer Christine Meadows has been with Global Edmonton for a decade, minus the 2 years spent on maternity leave with her boys. She is constantly navigating balance in her life as a working mom who loves her boys but also loves her “me time”. She fears screen time is going to be her biggest life regret and recently ditched social media after hours to be more present.


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